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From the shed to the biggest

Who would have thought that Sjoerd Raven's shed would grow into the largest angling shop in the Benelux and perhaps even Europe!

In 1974 Sjoerd Raven started a pet shop from his garage at his home in Dronten. Here he sold birds, seeds and pet supplies. In addition, he regularly visited various markets with his market stall. After a number of years Sjoerd opened his first pet shop in Lelystad in 1978. Here the assortment was expanded with fish stuff. 

Sjoerd's sons, Dion and Iwan opened a second animal boutique in Dronten in 1980, followed by a third in Almere two years later.

The first angling shop

In 1988 angling broke away from the animal boutique. The first real angling shop of the Raven family was born. Dion ran this shop in Lelystad. Meanwhile, Iwan specialised in aquariums and pond supplies. 

After a few years the shop in 't Lelycentre proved to be too small again, so in 1994 the shop moved to the Tjalk in Lelystad. With more than 1500 square meters of angling, this was already the largest shop in the Netherlands at that time. Because the shop became too small again in 1999 a new building was built at the Tjalk in Lelystad, now it is only a lot bigger!

Since 2018 Raven Lelystad has moved to the new location on Woonboulevard Palazzo. Today, the largest angling shop in the Netherlands is still in Lelystad, but the address has changed to Zuiderpoort 36-38.

Outside the polder

The next Raven branch was opened in Hengelo in 2000. This was the first store outside the polder. Today this shop is no longer located in Hengelo, but can be found at Woonboulevard 6a in Almelo.

The next step for Raven was the acquisition of the Vlemmix store in Tilburg, at the Ringbaan-Oost 102. Soon a second Vlemmix angling shop followed in Steenwijk at the Woldmeentherand 11a.

In 2020 we moved our store from Tilburg to Rijen. At this centrally located location at the Mary Zeldenrustlaan 20, 5122 CE in Rijen we can serve our customers even better. And for the first time we showed the completely renewed house style.

Europe in

Raven continued to grow and was/is always looking for new opportunities. These were found in the Czech Republic and Poland. In 2007 Raven opened the doors of the first foreign angling shop in Brno. Moments later it was the turn of Warsaw in Poland.

An own distribution centre

In order to be able to supply all those branches properly, you need a distribution centre. The construction of this centre started in 2009. The distribution centre in Dronten supplies both Dutch and foreign branches. Here you will also find the office and our mail order. If you order a parcel on raven.nl, it will be sent from Dronten.

Raven Fishing & Vlemmix Hengelsport renamed to Raven Hengelsport

Because two names for one company is complicated, Raven and Vlemmix underwent a metamorphosis at the end of 2013. Raven Fishing and Vlemmix Hengelsport were renamed Raven Hengelsport - Everything for the angler. This slogan is still the ultimate mission for Raven today. 

Vive La France

The new France webshop was launched in March 2020. The site ravenpeche.fr is completely in the renewed house style. A shop that fits the next step Raven Hengelsport makes on the European market.